Kasahorow, Ghana symbol, Lotus Flower Charm, Afrocentric jewelry, Dangling, handmade earrings


Resin/Paper/Charm Earrings

Length 2.50 inches
Width 2.25 inches
Color: Multi-Color
Paper: Bee Paper Company
Natural White, Cold Pressed Paper, Acid Free
140 lbs.
Made in Malaysia

Wire Hook: 21 mm fish hook wire and Nickle Free
Base material: 100% Iron
These earrings are exclusive because they do take about 3 days to make. Yes, they are made of 6 layers of 140 lbs. paper, resin and polycrylic protective finish to give it a beautiful shine. I cut the Ghana symbol from my silhoutte cameo. The Symbols is Kasahorow (Strength). These Dangling, Lotus Flower Charm, Afrocentric jewelry, handmade earrings are light in weight and have a look of essence.