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Osram ne Nsoromma, West African symbols, Trendy Afrocentric Jewelry, Buddha Crystal Stone earrings

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Length 3.50 inches
Width 2.50 inches
Color: Multi-Color
Paper: Bee Paper Company
Natural White, Cold Pressed Paper, Acid Free
140 lbs.
Made in Malaysia

Wire: Bead Smith (Wire Elements)
Wire 16 gauge
Wire Silver Color (Tarnish Resistant)
Wire Hook: 21 mm fish hook wire and Nickle Free
Base material: 100% Iron

Osram ne Nsoromma meaning: “moon and star.” It is a symbol of faithfulness, fondness, harmony, benevolence, love, loyalty, and femininity, from the proverb, “Kyekye pe awaree,” meaning “The North Star loves marriage.”

Crystal Stone: Buddha Crystal
*Balance and Stability
*Enhance Connection to Earth
*Protection and Positivity
*Peace and Harmony
*Fights Insomnia and Inflammation
*Associated Chakra heart 4th Root and 1st Root
These earrings are exclusive because they do take about 3 days to make. Yes, they are made of 6 layers of 140 lbs. paper, resin and polycrylic protective finish to give it a beautiful shine. I cut the West African symbol from my silhoutte cameo. The Symbols is Osram ne Nsoromma (moon and star). These Dangling are light medium in weight, have a look of essence and can be worn year around.