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Nsoromma, Guardianship, Bonding and Faithfulness, Chakra, Red Tiger's Eye Crystal earrings

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Length 3.75 inches
Width 2.25 inches
Color: Multi-Color
Paper: Bee Paper Company
Natural White, Cold Pressed Paper, Acid Free
140 lbs.
Made in Malaysia

Wire: Bead Smith (Wire Elements)
Wire 16 gauge
Wire Vintage Bronze Color (Tarnish Resistant)
Wire Hook: 21 mm fish hook wire and Nickle Free
Base material: 100% Iron
Crystal Stone: Red Tiger's Eye
*Enhanced confidence and Self Esteem
*Promotes stamina & motivation
*Inspires unconditional Love
*Increased sexual Desire
*Energizes Lower Body Organs
*Associated Chakra 1st Root
These earrings are exclusive because they do take about 3 days to make. Yes, they are made of 6 layers of 140 lbs. paper, resin and polycrylic protective finish to give it a beautiful shine. I cut the West African symbol from my silhoutte cameo. The Symbols is Nsoromma (Guardianship). These Dangling, Guardianship, Melanin Love, Bonding and Faithfulness, Red Tiger's Eye Crystal earrings are light medium in weight, have a look of essence and can be worn year around.