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Essence Of Beauty, Crochet, Shoulder Bag, Tote, Afrocentric fashion


FRONT of Tote
Durable Polyester fabric, Tear Resistant, non-toxic and light weight. Reusable, Heavy Duty, Convenient to fold up to store when not in use. This Beautiful Unique Shoulder Tote Bag is about 13x 14 in in size. Great for a gift!
Rhinestones: Red/Sky Blue Flatback

BACK of Tote
Yarn: 100% Polyester, Red and Black

Width: 1.57 inch
Length: 39.3 inch
The fabric is smooth, bright and colorful.
High Quality Material: Made from Imitation silk. Which is elegantly smooth, soft touch feeling, comfortable and breathable

Care Instructions:

Hand wash and lay flat to dry